Запасной парашют Karre

Технические характеристики
100, 125, 160, 220
Взлетный вес, кг
100, 125, 160, 220
Вес, кг
1.17, 1.39, 1.78, 2.52
Тип купола парашюта
квадратный управляемый
Описание производителя

The new Kortel Design rescue parachute, Karre, has 3 main innovations in front of the competition:

  • Karre’s unique design generates a horizontal speed after opening. This one allows to create a lift, and thus to significantly improve the rate of fall.
  • This horizontal speed also has a fineness of the order of 1.5, which allows the pilot to direct the parachute through the handle system, and thus avoid potential obstacles during the descent.
  • The asymmetrical shape induces a folding which improves the opening speed, without complicating the folding.
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